In this episode of Remotely Ethical, we discuss updates of previous topics and a new federal lawsuit seeking to enjoin the New York state courts from reopening.

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We cover:

  • A new update on the New York bar exam being rescheduled and going remote. We have a blog post about this development here and you can see our prior bar exam updates here. We also mentioned a prior Remotely Ethical episode where we discussed whether the bar exam is obsolete, which you can watch here
  • An update on the new program that allows law school graduates to practice law temporarily in New York while they wait to take the bar exam and get admitted. We have a detailed blog post here with links to the instructions and application forms issued by each of New York's four judicial departments.
  • A federal lawsuit filed by several public defender organizations seeking to enjoin the New York courts from reopening due to health concerns.  We have a blog post about the lawsuit here.
  • And finally, we have Case Notes from Captivity where we discuss what we are reading, watching or doing to help get us through lockdown.
    • For Tyler's case note, he talked about his week-long vacation in Vermont and the importance of taking time away for mental health reasons.  
    • For Nicole's case note, she talked about the mental health benefits of indulging in nostalgia, which she experienced while revisiting old episodes of a favorite television show, Doctor Who. As she mentioned, it is difficult to advise newcomers on where to start watching Doctor Who, but this cnet article takes a stab at it. You can catch episodes on HBO Max.  Or revisit your own favorite tv show or movie from the past.

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For COVID-19 updates for New York lawyers, check out our regularly updated COVID-19 Resource blog post.