In this episode of Remotely Ethical we discuss what happens when a lawyer moves to another state and starts practicing law, before getting admitted to the bar. 

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In this episode we address:

  • A recent Oregon Supreme Court decision, In re Harris, which concluded that an out-of-state lawyer who moved to Oregon and applied for admission was not engaged in the unlicensed practice of law, but was covered by the state's temporary practice rule.
  • Even though New York has a temporary practice rule, which you can find here, it is unclear whether a New York court would find this conduct to qualify as temporary practice.
  • What out-of-state lawyers who move to New York can do to minimize the risk of UPL, including:
    • promptly applying for admission
    • being supervised by a New York lawyer
    • not "holding out" as a New York lawyer
    • accurately describing one's jurisdictional limitations on all communications, including email signature lines, letterhead, websites, social media, etc.

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