In our latest episode of Remotely Ethical, we are joined by special guest --privacy lawyer James Mariani -- to discuss data security and confidentiality issues that law firms are dealing with during the COVID-19 crisis.

Watch below!

In this episode we address:

  • What law firms should do to protect confidential information, as lawyers and staff continue to work remotely
  • The duty of confidentiality under RPC 1.6 and its applicability to data security practices
  • Ensuring that your law firm has the technological capacity to protect client information "in transit" between remote locations
  • Implementing law firm policies to encourage lawyers and staff to employ reasonable data security measures
  • Training law firm lawyers and staff on acceptable data security practices
  • The importance of data encryption 
  • The importance of using strong, unique passwords across different platforms
  • Ensuring that all devices are password protected
  • Using strong multi-factor authentication to access remote systems
  • Learning to identify and avoid common hacking scams  

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