In our latest episode of Remotely Ethical, we discuss New York's controversial decision to limit the next bar exam to New York law students.  

Watch below!

In this episode we address:

  • New York's decision to limit access to the September 2020 bar exam to graduates of the 15 law schools in New York state
  • How does this development affect graduates of out-of-state law schools who can't sit for the New York bar exam?
  • Emergency orders permitting temporary practice for non-admitted law school graduates in New York
  • What are the options for out-of-state law school graduates want to take the New York bar exam?
  • How could delays in taking the bar exam (and, thus, admission to the New York bar)  affect law firms that hire recent graduates?
  • Risk management issues associated with supervising non-admitted law graduates
  • Tips for dealing with supervision of non-admitted law graduates, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic

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